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Tree Trimming in Oakland County MI Area

Tree Trimming Services

Some common reasons for tree trimming include preventing damage to your property or nearby power lines, improving the tree’s shape and appearance, and promoting healthier growth. When done properly, tree trimming can help extend the life of your trees, prevent safety hazards, and enhance the aesthetic value of your property. However, it’s important to note that tree trimming should be done by trained professionals to ensure the safety of both the tree and the people around it.

At Real Tree Care LLC, we can trim your trees perfectly and maintain their health and keep your property safe. Contact us and request a quote today!

Experienced Tree Trimmers in Michigan

Hiring a tree trimming company such as Real Tree Care can help maintain the health and beauty of your trees while protecting your property and family from potential hazards. Choosing a reputable company that is insured and properly trained is important to ensure that the work is done safely and correctly.

A professional tree trimmer will be able to evaluate the tree and determine which branches need to be removed, which ones to keep, and where to make cuts without damaging the tree. They should also have the proper equipment to safely climb tall trees and remove branches. Overall, by hiring Real Tree Care can save you time, money, and potential injury, while improving the aesthetic value and safety of your property.

Tree Removal

Small trees or large trees, we have you covered. We offer residential & commercial service.

Tree Trimming

Keep your trees looking great and staying health with our tree maintenance service.

Emergency Work

From hazardous trees to trees downed in a storm, we can handle any emergency tree issue.

Waterford Michigan's Expert Tree Trimming Company

Correct tree trimming can allow a tree to flourish and prosper for years. At Real Tree Care, we are trained and experienced in all aspects of tree pruning and tree trimming techniques. Hire a trusted tree trimming company in Waterford Michigan, hire Real Tree Care! Serving Southeast Michigan.


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Tree Shaping Services

Tree shaping service involves the use of advanced pruning techniques and technology to shape and control the growth of trees in urban or landscape settings. This technique is commonly used to create aesthetically pleasing shapes or to prevent the growth of trees into power lines or buildings. The service can also be used to maintain the health and vitality of trees, as well as to manage potential safety hazards.

Real Tree Care can shape your ornamental trees or other large trees and make your property look great!