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Real Tree Care LLC

An Oakland County, MI. Tree Service

Quality, Professional, and Experienced Tree Removal and Tree Trimming Services in Oakland County, Michigan. 5 Star Rated Tree Service!


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Trusted Tree Removal Services in Michigan!

When it comes to tree removal, it is certainly a task that is best left to professionals. Trees can be incredibly heavy and awkward to remove, which is why trying to remove them on your own can be both dangerous and risky. Whether you are considering tree removal for aesthetic reasons or because a tree has become a hazard to your home or property, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced tree removal company to handle the job. We have 15+ years of experience in the tree industry, and we can handle any size project. Call today for a free estimate!

Local Waterford MI Tree Cutting Company

Quality Driven Tree Care. We Love Trees!

If we can save a tree, we will. Over the years we have saved almost 20 mature trees from being removed. However, if a tree is hazardous or damaged in a storm, we will most likely need to remove it. If so, we are your trusted source for tree removal.


We strive to perform at our best every day and treat every customer with extreme respect. Our tree services are guaranteed, if you feel we have missed something we’ll handle it.

Exceptional Results

When you need tree removal services, we always do the work as if we were doing tree care for our own lawn, never leaving a mess.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Has a tree fallen on your property? We can safely remove it. Has a storm caused large branches to fall in your yard? We can clean it up. Has one of your trees grown out of control? If so, we can trim it to perfection. It doesn’t matter whether you need tree removal, storm clean up, stump grinding, or just tree trimming, we can handle everything.

It is important to remember that removing a tree is not just about cutting it down. The tree stump and roots will also need to be removed or treated to prevent future growth. We can help with stump grinding services, which are a quick and easy way to remove the stump entirely.

Removing a tree is not a task that should be taken lightly. Hire a reputable and experienced tree removal company and rest assured that your tree removal needs will be handled safely and efficiently. Hire Real Tree Care LLC.